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Wednesday’s Inspiration

With my bathrooms being showcased at The DIY Showoff yesterday I have bathroom’s on the brain so I went through my design files and came up with my favorite bathroom at the moment. Its actually Molly Sims bathroom and was designed by Kishani Perera. I’m so doing a room in black in my next house! I love the punches of purple too!


Help Me Decide

I am thinking about offering my design services and I am trying to come up with a name for my “company”, so please help me out and vote. Its anonymous so go over to the right and just click!

I appreciate all your help!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Photo from Martha Stewart, but of course!)

Its been a rough year but I still have so much to be thankful for. I love my family and friends very much and without them I couldn’t get through the hard stuff! I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving!!

Eat lots and be thankful!

Can You Tell The Difference?

One is the original Eames Molded Plastic Rocker and it’s retail price is $479.00. The other is a knock off and cost only $153.99.

If you were a serious collector the real deal is a great piece to have but if you just think its a fun chair then I say go for the lesser price one so you can buy another cool piece for your room!

(The first photo is the real deal and you can find the chair at Design Within Reach.)

The second photo is the price saver from

Inspirational Books

No, I’m not talking about those types of inspirational books to help you become a better person, save your marriage or look great in 30 days, I’m talking about MY inspirational books!

I have been clipping photos out of magazines since I was teenager and even as a teenager I clipped out rooms that I thought were pretty and amazing. When other girls had photos of Corey Hart and that guy from Winger on their wall I had photos of a bedroom or a piece of furniture I liked.

About 8 years ago I started putting my clippings in a book but soon I realized I had alot of books and they weren’t in any sort of order so I recently organized my books according to rooms. (Ex. Bathroom, Dining Room, Home Office, etc.)

This shelf unit in the photo below is down in my studio behind the curtain. As you can see I like to use the label maker!! You can also see my group of inspirational books.

Everytime I start a room I always go to my books for a little inspiration or a starting point. I also from time to time go through the books and edit rooms that are maybe past its day.

So the next time you start a room you don’t have to go nuts like I do but go to Barnes and Nobles and buy a magazine or two, Tear out pictures of a paint color you like or the faucet you’d kill for or the tile you’d die to have. I guarantee when you are done pulling photos you’ll notice you’ll have a very good idea of your sense of style and your direction for the room!

Monthly Trip to Midland Antiques

I was downtown today so I stopped at Midland Antiques Mall for a little looksy! This is my favorite antique shop in Indianapolis. They have 2 locations, one downtown Indianapolis and the other one is up north in Carmel. They have everything in this place and always have whatever is current in the design magazines.

I like to walk the mall and take photos of the items that catch my eye. Sometimes I save the photos for inspiration for a later design and sometimes its a way to remember what I’ve seen so I can go back to the booth before I leave and pick up the item to buy.

Here are a few snapshots of the items that caught my eye. The first photo is right when you walk into the place, I love the screen itself and also the color.

I love the mirror in the photo below, I love its scale and I can only imagine the impact it would bring to the room, either on the floor or above a beautiful buffet. I think the chair is awfully pretty too, how great would that be next to your dressing table!

I love this horse lamp, with a different shade of course. I imagine a large cream colored one, with gold leaf inside of it. I think this would look great just about anywhere, the living room, a study or even the dining room.

The last photo just makes me smile and takes me back to when I was a child at the park. I’m not sure if its safe to use but it sure is sweet!

Today I got away cheap, I purchased 3 old wire locker bins and tomorrow I’ll show you where I put them!


What color am in I love with lately??? Turquoise!! I’m currently trying to figure out which of my rooms will I do in this color. I have a habit of clipping photos off the internet and saving them for inspiration and here are some of my favorite turquoise rooms. Unfortunately I do not know the designers who did the room but I do know I think all the rooms are amazing!!

So besides swooning over the photos keep in mind if you see a room you like online make sure you save it for future inspiration!