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Friday’s Inspiration

This is another room done by Kishani Perera. Of course I love the ikat pillows on the couch, I’ve only mentioned my obsession with the fabric like a million times but what I like most about this home office is the inspiration board. It takes me back to whenI was a teenager and had a wall devoted to clippings from my mom’s home magazines and of course hotties like Corey Hart! Yea, I was a teenager in the ’80s!


Wednesday’s Inspiration

Kelly Wearstler is for sure one my favorite interior designers. I absolutely love her style and her willingness to take her designs as far as it can go. You may think this isn’t your style or its too much but you can’t say its boring! This is her office and I personally love it. I love the vintage chandelier, her desk chair and the colors of the walls. It also wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point out I love how they put her hermes handbag in the photo shoot!

When I pick photos for my design files I don’t have to love everything about it, (although I love everything in this particular one) I can just like certain elements so can you pick out something you like about this room?

My Sanctuary

Scary basement? Why yes it is, but it was the only space we had left in my house that I could claim for myself. I needed a place to work on my design boards and a place to paint. My awesome husband painted the room for me from top to bottom and I used a little of this and a little of that to finish the room off.

Below is what a little paint can do.

The only thing I bought for the room was the fabric to cover the large shelving unit and the orange Herman Miller desk chair. The two items cost me less then $10.00!

The large shelving unit was left by the previous homeowners and I store everything in it, paint, markers, canvases and even my sewing machine. This area is my favorite, everything is in plastic bins and labeled. Its my OCD dream room come true!

The greatest part of this room is because it barely cost anything I don’t mind it getting dirty so its a fun space to do crafts with Sloan.

I highly encourage every girl to have a little corner in her house all to herself!